What is ParkingCarma?

ParkingCarma is a patented, new, innovative parking solution that will change the way parking works in cities today.

ParkingCarmaâ„¢ Smart Parking is a hi-tech solution for parking in the nation's most crowded cities that will bring together consumers looking for parking spots with parking structure owners and managers who have available parking spaces. Rather than circling the block time and again looking for the elusive "open spot," ParkingCarma provides information and access to consumers about available parking spaces via cell phones, the Internet, and onboard automotive computers. Not only will ParkingCarma increase parking convenience and availability, it will help communities and the environment by reducing traffic congestion, emissions, and the need to build new parking structures. ParkingCarma's philosophy is sustainable growth through friendly technology.

The technology ParkingCarma employs doesn't benefit just the consumer. It is also geared toward helping cities improve their planning, manage growth and congestion issues, and allows businesses and residents to maximize the use of their available parking. Each of which will ultimately aid in saving the environment from the impact of creating more parking spaces by providing ways to better manage resources.

ParkingCarma is based on: Dynamic Space SharingSM and Premier Parking ServicesSM

Dynamic Space SharingSM basically means that parking spaces which aren't currently being used can be made available to drivers searching for a space. For instance, a company may have a private parking lot for its employees, but most of those spaces aren't used in the evenings when restaurant and theatre-goers need parking. Also, on any given day some of those 'private' spaces will be empty during the day because employees are out of the office. Or, a public lot can have spaces not being used at different times of the day. Even homeowners and apartment tenants can have parking spaces they don't use at times. These 'parking asset owners' will work with ParkingCarma to identify their available spaces. Using a technology-based, real-time system, ParkingCarma will keep track of these sites and direct drivers who call or use the Internet to the closest available spot. Parking asset owners will enjoy increased parking revenues through increased utilization of spare capacity and drivers will be able to find convenient parking using a variety of devices and technologies.

Premier Parking ServicesSM will bring true parking convenience to consumers by allowing them to use the Internet, phone, or wireless device to find and reserve a parking space. Drivers will be directed to the most convenient space available, given exact directions on how to find the spot, and then be billed through their method of choice. No more driving in circles looking for a spot. No more parking fines. And no need to carry cash. Spots can be reserved for single-time use within minutes prior to arrival or can be reserved on a daily or monthly basis.

If you are parking asset owner or city planner interested in learning more about how you can benefit from ParkingCarma, visit our Contact Us Page and click the Information email.

ParkingCarma is both an interim solution to immediate parking needs in urban areas and a long-term solution to managing parking revenues citywide. Almost immediately, ParkingCarma can reduce street congestion and parking frustration by adding thousands of new parking spaces to the city without costly construction or delays. ParkingCarma can make unused parking spaces available during times of peak demand and manage those spaces accurately and efficiently.