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Nearby Destinations

Roma Cafa(C)
3401 Riopelle St Detroit - 15 min. walk

Union St
4145 Woodward Ave Detroit - 5 min. walk

The Whitney
4421 Woodward Ave Detroit - 2 min. walk

Traffic Jam & Snug Restaurant
511 W Canfield St Detroit - 6 min. walk

4222 2nd Ave Detroit - 9 min. walk

Nearby Parking

Red Deck
4646 John R
0.00 miles

Woodward Parking
50 W Forest Ave
0.17 miles

Guest Lot 59
Warren and John R
0.18 miles

Hospital Parking
4100 John R St
0.20 miles

Wayne State University Parking Structure 3
45 E Warren Ave
0.23 miles

Blue Deck

VA Medical Center

4646 John R St
Detroit, MI 48201

736 total spaces

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The Blue Deck is located to the right from the VA Hospital Entrance.
Free for patients and visitors to the VA Hospital.
Van Parking for the Blue Deck is located off of Canfield.
After 7PM Patients and Visitors must use Van entrance on Canfield.